Agent System Requirements

These are the system requirements for installing and using InfraSOS Agent on a Windows Server.

Hardware requirements

Hardware Minimum Recommended
Disk Space1 2GB 3GB or more
Processor 2.4GHz 2.4GHz or faster
Number of cores 4 Cores 4 Cores or more
Internet connection2 Required Required

1 - includes space for InfraSOS Agent and logs that will be created during work.

2 - used for connection with the InfraSOS Portal.

Supported operating systems

InfraSOS Agent can be installed in any of the following versions of Microsoft Windows Servers:

        • Windows Server 2022

Firewall Requirements

  • To communicate with domain controllers InfraSOS agent uses LDAP protocol (389 port)
  • To communicate with InfraSOS cloud service the InfraSOS agent uses https (port 443)
  • Make sure the Windows Server used to install the Agent has configured DNS to resolve hostname to the following IP addresses,,; This step is important to have connection from Agent to InfraSOS Portal because data exchange between services is carried out using WebSocket connection. For more information about WebSocket uses, see this documentation (Link).
  • Make sure your DNS server is correctly set up for this domain, as well as for the corresponding domain controllers (DCs). Make sure DNS communication from the Windows Server the InfraSOS agent is installed on can communicate with your domain controllers.
  • Please verify that the Windows Server can successfully ping either the relevant domain or any of the Domain Controllers.
  • Ensure that the connectivity between this Windows Server and the Domain Controller is not blocked due to Firewall, etc.
  • Please ensure that DNS (port 53) is accessible for resolving the IP addresses of domain controllers.

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