Onboard a new AD Agent


To start working with Active Directory reports in InfraSOS you’ll need to download and set up an Active Directory agent. 

Here you can find the Agent Installation Guide

In this guide, you will learn how to set up an Active Directory Agent and onboard your Active Directory domains on the InfraSOS portal.

  1. Onboard InfraSOS Agent
    1. Download agent certificate
    2. Start InfraSOS Agent Service
    3. Portal Agent Settings
  2. Onboard Active Directory Domain

1) Onboard InfraSOS Agent

Once you've install the InfraSOS Agent, you're now ready to onboard your Active Directory domain in the portal. Login to the InfraSOS portal and under Account Management page. To do so, click on Account Management in the top right of the portal (gear icon).

On the Account Management page click on the Active Directory Settings button.

This page is dedicated to Active Directory Agents and their management. To create an Agent click on the Onboard new agent button.

In the newly opened modal window enter a name for your Agent and click the Onboard button.

After this, you’ll see a message that confirms the successful creation of Agent and the table with Active Directory agents

Download agent certificate

  • Click on this icon will initiate a download of the client.p12 file. The location of the downloaded file depends on your browser settings.

Start InfraSOS Agent

After the onboarding of the agent, it will have Pending Connection status. To connect the agent on the InfraSOS portal to the agent on your Windows Server you need to: 

  1. Download the certificate 
  2. Open the root folder of the InfraSOS agent on your Windows Server. By default, the folder is named

C:\Program Files\InfraSOS FZCO\Agent Service\

  1. Go to the Agent Service folder. Insert the client.p12 certificate into this folder.

  2. Start the Agent on your Windows Server. Double-click on the StartAgent icon

    Then you can see that the status of Agent on the InfraSOS portal changed to Connected.

Agent Portal Settings

In the portal the agent settings consists of the Agent's Name, Status, and Quick Actions. Each Quick Actions icon represents a specific functionality. 

Let’s take a closer look at these Quick Actions and what they do: 

  • Enable/Disable Agent

    By clicking on this switch you'll be able to enable or disable an Agent from the InfraSOS portal.

  • Edit Agent

    By clicking on this icon you’ll be able to edit the name of the selected Agent.

    The Editing Agent modal window with the current name will appear. After clicking the Save button the Agent name will be changed.

  • Download agent certificate

    Clicking on this icon will initiate a download of the client.p12 file. The location of the downloaded file depends on your browser settings.

  • Refresh agent certificate

    Clicking on this icon will update the certificate for your agent and disconnect the Windows Server Agent from the InfraSOS portal agent. To activate the agent you will need to download the new certificate and move it to the Windows Server Agent root folder (C:\Program Files\InfraSOS FZCO\Agent Service\)

  • Offboard Agent

    By clicking on this icon you will remove the selected Agent from your InfraSOS company.

    You will see the Agent Offboarding modal window which requires you to confirm the deletion. After you click on the button the Agent will be removed.

2) Onboard Active Directory Domains

After the successful creation of the Active Directory agent on the InfraSOS portal, we can add domains to the created agent. To do so

  1. Click on the Agent Name to see the Agent Details

  2. On the Agent Details page click on the Add new domain button, to open the Adding new Domain window

  3. In the opened window enter the domain name and click on Discover Now.

  4. When Domain controllers are successfully loaded click on the Add button to add your domain controllers on the InfraSOS portal.

  5. You will see the success message and a table with the added domain. The status of Agent should change to the Idle.

3.) Load Active Directory Reports

After you've set up the Active Directory Agent with domains you can start working on Active Directory Reports. To do so

  1. Click on the InfraSOS logo to go to the main page

  2. Click on the Active Directory Reports button

  3. Select a report from any available in the drop down menus

  4. Click the Generate Report button

That's it you've now setup the InfraSOS portal for Active Directory reporting.

To onboard your Azure AD tenant for Office 365 reports refer to our onboarding guide.

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