Agent Installation Guide

Download the Agent App

Before installing the Agent, you must be registered on the InfraSOS Portal. If you still need to register, please, use the signup page to register your company (InfraSOS Signup).

To download the Agent App, you need to be logged in to the InfraSOS Portal. To begin, we need to open the “Download Agent” page, and follow the instructions to download the app:

  1. Tap on the Cogwheel icon to open the Account Management page:

  1. Tap on the Active Directory Settings button to move to the Active Directory settings section:

  1. When the settings page opens, tap on the Download Agent button:

  1. To download the app, tap on the Download button, and the loading automatically starts:

The Agent was successfully downloaded.

Check out these basic information about Agent:

Pre-installation, of the Agent App steps

  1. Check if the user has enough rights to install the Agent as a Windows service;
  2. The Windows Server used to install the Agent has configured DNS to resolve hostname to the following IP addresses,,; This step is important to have connection from Agent to InfraSOS Portal because data exchange between services is carried out using WebSocket connection. For more information about WebSocket uses, see this documentation (link).
  3. Make sure your DNS server is correctly set up for this domain, as well as for the corresponding domain controllers (DCs). Make sure DNS communication from the Windows Server the InfraSOS agent is installed on can communicate with your domain controllers.
  4. Please verify that the Windows Server can successfully ping either the relevant domain or any of the Domain Controllers.
  5. Ensure that the connectivity between this Windows Server and the Domain Controller is not blocked due to Firewall, etc.
  6. Please ensure that DNS (port 53) is accessible for resolving the IP addresses of domain controllers.
  • To communicate with domain controllers InfraSOS agent uses LDAP protocol (389 port)
  • To communicate with InfraSOS cloud service the InfraSOS agent uses https (port 443)

Install the Agent App

Notes: The Agent should be installed only on Windows Server 2022 (Windows Server 2019 / 2016 hasn't been tested yet. This testing is planned in our next release.). Once you've downloaded the agent follow these steps: 

  1. To start the installation process, extract the file;
  2. Open the extracted folder
  3. Run the setup.exe

  1. The install will first check if you have the following pre-requites
    1. Visual C++ Runtime Libraries
    2. .Net Desktop Runtime
    3. If not installed, will ask to install. Select 'Install'
  2. Install pre-requisites
  3. The first wizard step will be displayed. Tap on the Next > button:

  1. Select the location of Agent Service or use the default path. Click Next > when the path is selected:

  1. Read the License Agreement, tap “I Agree”, and Next > button:

  1. There is the last step, after which installation starts. Click Next >:

  • To run Agent, find it in the Windows Start menu and run StartAgent.bat:

Follow the next guide on onboarding your domain to the InfraSOS portal:

Uninstalling the Agent App

To uninstall Agent, select Windows StartInfraSOS Agentuninstall.bat

Follow the next guide on onboarding your domain to the InfraSOS portal:

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